Samsung Unveils QLED, Next Innovation in TV

Innovation in TV technology has introduced us to some of the most realistic picture quality available, as well as some of the most well-designed TVs to date.

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Samsung have a lot to reveal this year: Upgrades and stunning design galore are featured prominently in the Samsung booth, where Samsung is unveiling its new QLED TV lineup. The QLED TV assortment is a striking array of lifelike picture quality, seamless design details, and a brand-new, superbly stylish TV. Read further to take a personal tour of the Samsung QLED TV booth at CES 2017.


Q Highlight

When visitors first enter the Samsung booth, they are greeted by the 2017 QLED TV lineup: the flat 88″ Q9F TV and 65″ Q8C TVs, on which they can instantly experience the stunning visuals of HDR content. They can also wander between the TVs to see the all-around design—to which Samsung have paid incredible detail—showing off the innovative Optical Cable feature, the striking Easel and Gravity TV stands, and updates that make the One Remote even better.


Q Picture

In the Q Material section, informative graphics explain how the Quantum dot has been upgraded to provide even more pure colors (True RGB) as well as strengthen their durability and energy efficiency. To demonstrate Color Volume, a QLED TV sits above a conventional TV, both displaying a live video feed from a nearby HDR Camera so visitors can compare the purity of color. Next, a moving display catches visitors’ eyes: curved QLED TVs are mounted on a wall that looks like a living room, except it shifts 45° side-to-side to show that a curved TV offers the same viewing experience from any angle.


Visitors then step into a well-decorated living room meant to recreate a real-life home environment, featuring adjustable lighting that emulates various times of day. Each TV shows how QLED technology maintains a crisp and clear picture in any light, even when portraying vibrant bright or deep dark colors.

Then, in the HDR section, visitors learn that we have amplified the brightness of the QLED TVs to express levels between 1500 nits and 2000 nits. The increase in brightness makes HDR content true to life in any form: movies, live TV, or games. Samsung also have an 8K TV on display to show what’s to come in Samsung’s TV innovations.


Q Smart

After picture quality comes the smart TV factor of the new QLED TV lineup. The Smart Hub has been updated to seamlessly provide important information, get to know their owners and offer personalized content recommendations, and notify sports fans when can’t-miss games are on. The One Remote controls everything from live TV to the cable box to plugged-in devices just by pointing the remote at the TV, because the QLED TVs automatically detect the devices that are plugged in. Plus, an update to the existing Smart View app extends the Smart Hub experience onto mobile devices, allowing users to search for and play content on their TV. In addition to all the streaming and interactive content, Samsung reveal collaborations with 4K HDR providers offering high-quality content that maximizes the high-performance features of QLED TVs.


Q Style

The last section for QLED TVs in Samsung booth is reserved for showing off the design aspects of the QLED TVs. To show off the immense visual difference the Optical Cable makes, Before and After scenes are displayed on a rotating stage. Where the Before side is a labyrinth of cables and devices, the After side is a clean, streamlined sight where the TV is the focus.

Throughout the whole exhibition, new QLED TVs can be found mounted on the walls of each section with the built-in, easy-to-install wall mount system that holds the TV nearly flush with the wall. And, with two new stand options, Gravity and Easel, the QLED TVs make an artistic statement in any room in the house.

According to Samsung, “the final attraction in our TV booth is the lifestyle TV, perhaps the most stylish of the 2017 TV lineup. It is a stunning wall installation consisting of two TVs, accented with framed photos. As visitors see when they visit the lifestyle TV section, it comes in two sizes—45″ and 65″— with a selection of interchangeable frames, so buyers can choose the right size and style for each room in the house.”


If you thought last year’s TV technology was the pinnacle of high-quality viewing, Samsung have clearly outdone itself with the upgrades and new features of the 2017 QLED TV lineup. From pure, lifelike colors, to the easy-to-use One Remote, to attention to design inside and out, the QLED TV lineup is the next innovation in TV. If you’re at CES this year, be sure to stop by and check out the Samsung booth to see for yourself.


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