Misbah ul Haq Announce Retirement from International Cricket

Lahore: Pakistan Test captain Misbahul Haq on Thursday reported his retirement from the international Test cricket.

The West Indies Test arrangement booked during the current month will be his last, Misbah affirmed. The primary Test of the three-coordinate arrangement will start on April 21.

“I will play my last series against West Indies,” Haq said while speaking at a press conference at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. He added that he wanted a better end of his career by winning the series.


it was a “personal decision” to retire and that it would be “wrong” to attribute it to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

“I was under no pressure from anyone,” he added.

Reminiscing about his career, the 42-year-old skipper said that he saw some really difficult times.

“I was out of the team for a while. There were bad performances as well,” he recalled.

“I will continue to play cricket at the domestic level,” he added. “Regarding when I will leave domestic cricket, I will decide it later.”

“I’ve seen many ups and downs during my career,” he said. “I was dropped from the team played poorly as well at times. But then I had some great moments too where we became the number one Test team in the world. So overall, I am satisfied with my performance.”

Misbah additionally said that he had a fantasy of winning the World Cup for Pakistan, yet is baffled not to accomplish that objective.

“I had some unfinished business, but that’s how life is,” he said. “I had a dream of winning the World Cup for Pakistan, but then I also had a dream of captaining the team in Pakistan. However, that is how life is. You don’t get everything you ask for.”

Misbah also said that it’s time to support newly-appointed captain Sarfraz Ahmed, and also supported the idea of one captain for all formats.

“We should not put pressure on Sarfraz; instead we should support him,” said Misbah. “I also believe that there should be only one captain, so all the players can support him.”

He took Pakistan cricket team to the number one spot in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Test ranking.

“Although no discussions have been held with Misbah regarding his retirement, a consensus has been reached that the test matches against West Indies will be his last series,” the PCB chairman told the media at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium.

“It was due to his captaincy and understanding of the game, because of which we managed to achieve the top spot in the Test ranking.”


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