Hugh Hefner Story, Hopes to Highlight the Playboy

Stephen Davis, who has created another small scale arrangement on Hugh Hefner’s life, would like to highlight the Playboy author’s commitment to the American social scene.

David says chipping away at American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, accessible on Amazon Prime Video, was a blessing from heaven as it allowed him to investigate the media big shot’s lesser

Award winning Hollywood author and producer Stephen David, who is additionally the co-maker of Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, a ten-section arrangement on Amazon, which discharged on April 7, gives the lowdown on the beautiful and checkered existence of the American symbol who had championed free discourse, LGBTQ rights and ladies’ wellbeing and regenerative rights.

“America was a very repressive place after World War II, and Hef was a huge part of breaking down those societal stigmas and barriers. Without Hef and Playboy, there wouldn’t have been a sexual revolution,” David told PTI in an interview from New York.


“Our hope is that the series will prompt people to really re-examine Hef’s life, and grasp a better understanding of the many social causes he championed, and often, led the charge on. But there’s no question that Playboy has made its mark on the cultural landscape.”

“I think people will realise what we came to realise very early on in this project – Hef is very self-aware, and he’s able to look back on his life with incredible recall and a certain amount of objectivity,” he says.

“Hef was a big part of the casting decision. When we found Matt Whelan, everyone was just blown away – in addition to being a great actor, Matt just looks so much like a young Hef.

“When Hef saw the casting tape, he had the same reaction we had. We all knew that Matt was our guy,” he says.

David says he discovered a lot of new facets of Hefner’s life while making the documentary.


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