France Bans Paying for Sex

French MPs affirmed another law that defenders say will secure sex workers by moving the weight of the offense onto customers, yet a few whores are crying foul.

Supporters said the enactment would make it simpler to crackdown on sex trafficking, however whores said it would abandon them in limbo.

The progressions have been met by mobilizes, with a few people requiring the abrogation of prostitution all together, and others requesting the laws be downsized.


Individuals who need to pay for sex could now cop a 1,500 Euro fine, which increments on the off chance that they are discovered re-insulting.

Those indicted would likewise need to go to training classes, about the damages of the sex trade.


Reason Behind the Law Changing.

The French Government gauges 90 for each penny of the nation’s 20,000 to 40,000 sex laborers are casualties of Nigerian, Chinese and Romanian sex trafficking systems.

Member of the conservative party Les Republicans, MP Guy Geoffroy said starting now and into the foreseeable future the onus would be on the customers.

“We have decided to reinforce as much as we can the fight against the networks trafficking human beings and against procurement,” he said.

“And we have also decided to put prostitution customers in front of their responsibilities, because without clients there is no prostitution, without clients there is no human trafficking.”

Some prostitution supporter bunches said the new enactment would give sex laborers more noteworthy powers, and help to energize the revealing of wrongdoings against them.

Claire Quidet, a sex worker supporter, said prostitutes will benefit from the overhaul.

“Prostitutes will no longer be seen as criminals,” Ms Quidet said.

“When they are abused, they can file a complaint in a police station which they did not dare do before.

“The power relationship with their clients will be completely different as they will be in a position of strength such as ‘I am not guilty, but you, what you’re doing is against the law’.”

Laws do not and will never stop the trade of sex. Decreeing sex work illegal simply puts already vulnerable people in greater danger.


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