A UK company has created a biodegradable alternative to plastic bottles called Blob.

Motivated by methods from atomic gastronomy, three London-based mechanical outline understudies made Ooho, a blob-like water holder that they say is simple and shoddy to make, solid, clean, biodegradable, and palatable.

The product is a blob of water that’s made from a seaweed extract, which is actually cheaper than plastic to manufacture.


The compartment holds water in a twofold film utilizing “spherification,” the system of molding fluids into circles initially spearheaded in labs in 1946 and all the more as of late promoted by culinary specialists at elBulli in Spain. It works similar to an egg yolk, which additionally holds its shape utilizing a thin film.

“We’re applying an evolved version of spherification to one of the most basic and essential elements of life–water,” says Rodrigo García González, who designed the Ooho with fellow design students Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche.

A compound produced using dark colored green growth and calcium chloride makes a gel around the water. “The twofold film ensures within cleanly, and makes it conceivable to put marks between the two layers with no cement,” García clarifies.

While the bundle is being shaped, the water is solidified as ice, making it conceivable to make a greater circle and keeping the fixings in the layer and out of the water.

The originators needed to address the way that a great many people are savoring water dispensable containers. “Actually to an ever increasing extent, when we drink water we discard a plastic container,” García says. “80% of them are not reused. This consumerism mirrors the general public in which we live.”

By reexamining the bottle, the architects say it’s likewise conceivable to lessen fetched; for makers, the vast majority of the cost of creating water originates from the container itself. The Ooho can be made for only two pennies.

The design was a winner of the second annual Lexus Design Award and will be on display during Milan Design Week.



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